History is cool

History isn't a static 'thing' it's living and happening all the time! For instance the recent vote by the village to reject the BAE Redrow housing proposal will be looked at in the years to come and people will ask why and who and what!

So what we'll do here is try and keep a running history of the events. Now, because it's a subjective view in that one persons will differ from anothers, we will show as amny sides of the events as we can, we will hold to no specific view! History will tell!

If you have any photos or would put pen to paper (or keyboard to email) we would love to hear from you. you can add your name or use a pen name (for the shy or professional amoungst us) and you'll be adding to the richest tapestry we have, who we are and where we came from.

As I said, History is cool!

Latest on the Bishopton History web site


Ron Young emailed us to share some memories of his time in the village and reveals what the youth club gave him!!!!


Read Ron Young's memories! 


George Forsyth's recount also helps us understand the village back in the 30's and 40's


Read George Forsyth's memories and he also shared some of his photos with us, you'll find them here!

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