It's the wee things that we forget, each age has it's special moments, The Coronation, The Moon Landing, Diana but each person has moments that for no particular reason remain in their memory. It is a moment in history, which can never be repeated, and not everyone witnessed.

Taking Bishopton as the thread that connects all these recollections, this section is dedicated to the experience and memories of the people which forms part of their life and life in the village. Remember that the memories can be a paragraph or a page or ten pages, it might just be that your memories trigger someone elses!

They may seem trivial to others or they may have no real significance today but it's all part of the rich tapestry we call Bishopton. I love hearing about them, and whether it happened yesterday or 80 years ago let us know yours. Have a look at what others have written and see whether you can add to them. I would prefer a photo of you then or now (or both!!) to accompany your 'ditty' but it's not essential (I'll take it if you wish). As you would expect, this section will grow as a living memory of the village and the people who built it.

If you have any memories or family history you would like to add to this section click on Contact Us above and send us the information and we can post it up here.

Thank you!

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