George Forsyth

My name is George Forsyth I was born 1928 at Kirkhill Cottages,which I understand were demolished when the bridge over the railway was rebuilt.

We moved to 7 porton place, and lived above the Buchans I see that someone mentioned Lottie.

We had to climb Barries Hill to get to the Co-op, I remember how the bread was wrapped in tissue paper, and how a few times I had to chase it down the hill after I dropped it.

We used to sled down the hill in winter but the best hill was at the Erskine golf course. The Buchans were the caretakers at the school and Mrs Buchan made the soup I think it cost tuppence. I remember the big thrill when I got to shovel the coal in the boiler.

I started school in 1933 I remember Mrs Watson, also Miss Capellini (boy was she a dish) the best teacher I ever had was Mr McNeil who was killed at the battle of Cape Matapan in the navy.

I went to Camphill school in Paisley. We had to take the train to Paisley, and it was the odd day that one of us would have to run down the tracks as the train would be pulling out, and get dragged into guards van by the scuff of our necks by the guard. Some times in winter the fog would be so bad that they had to put percussion caps on the rail to warn driver he was coming to the station.

My best friend was Ian Robertson  whose dad worked on the Kerr's home farm.

Please excuse the spelling and other mistakes (Webbie: I correct them, bit like the blind leading the blind!) as I have just started to use a pc. Not bad when I first went to school we wrote on slates, I left Scotland in 1946 and have never been back. I just found your web site and am happy to see its still a village.

George Forsyth


George, this is fantastic, and your PC skills are just fine! Thank you!

September 2007

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